Judge John W. Tobin Award Presented to Dick Barnett in 2016 (Posted: August 31, 2016)

Each year a Chapter member is recognized for his or her dedication to the objectives of the Izaak Walton League and the operation of one of its local chapters. Who are the dedicated Ike’s who perform Chapter services for the community, show up for all meetings, sign up first for work crews, serve on committees, help maintain chapter grounds, and make the organization run more smoothly? They are our chapter's best members and they deserve a hearty "Thank-You.”  Since 1976 this award, established by past IWLA President Judge John W. Tobin, has been a great way to thank Ike’s for their hard work. This year's Judge Tobin's award was presented to Dick Barnett.  Dick is an active leader and member and is awarded for his many services to the Fred Rapp Chapter and for his untiring effort to serve our region's wounded veteran's through a theaeraputic program of fly fishing in a program known as Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF).. Congratulations to Dick Barnett for this well-deserved award.
Here is a photo of Dick pursuing his avocation in Montana a few weeks ago in mid-August 2016.
Dick Barnett - fishing in Montana.
That is a nice fish, Dick!

Email Reminders  (reposted February 2, 2016)

Are you receiving email from the Fred Rapp Chapter?  We send out at least 4 a month more or less.  If you are not receiving any and want to receive them go to the special feature in the Member Login area that helps you either manage your subscription or to subscribe if not or, if you have problems, send a note to and let me know that you want to be added to the list or you want to change your email address.  If anyone wants not to receive the email, there is a feature on the bottom of every email sent that allows you to request your name be unsubscribed.  You can also change your email address from a separate feature at the bottom of every email that is sent.  There are lots of ways to manage how you get your email reminders from the chapter.

If You Have a Problem with Your New Gate Access Card  (posted December 27, 2015)

Although the card issuing process has gone remarkably well, there have been a few "glitches."  Some of you have had to sit for a photo when you should have had one on file because some of the photos were lost or corrupted.  Several people have tried their new access card and it would not command the gate open.  We have fixed any that were brought to our attention today and the cards now work. Today we also had a minor problem with writing changes to the common database and, in fixing the problem, we think we might have lost the registration information for as many as a score of members that were printed and issued cards on Wednesday evening.  In other words for a few who paid on Wednesday evening, December 23 and/or sat for a photo, your card might not work.  If you find your access card does not work for any reason or if you picked it up on December 23rd and would like for us to check to see if we have your card properly enabled, either send an email to or to Drake Riggins at  Look at the back of your card and include in your email the last 3 digits of the number in the upper right corner of the card and ask us to check your registration.  We will check your database entry to make sure you are properly registered so that the gate will open.

Emergency Procedures Corrected (posted December 22, 2015)

A few minor, but important corrections have been made to the range rules regarding emergency procedures, One change relates to the location of our Chapterwhich has been incorrectly identified as between Brock Road, on one end, and Old Plank Road on the other.  Actually, the location is between Brock Road and Orange Plank Road.  In addition, there are now 2 telephones for emergency purposes on the property.  The one that has been there the longest is adhacent to the door to the Chapterhouse.  A few months ago, another phone was installed on the Maintenance shed adjacent to the main parking lot. New instructions have been placed inside the cover of each of the telephones. These changes can also be found in a new issue of the Range Rules and on a single page information sheet that can be cut, folded and placed with your membership card for easy reference.

Your Chapter Officers/Directors - for September 2015 to September 2016 (posted September 3, 2015)

 At the Chapter membership meeting on Thursday evening, September 3, the officials elected last month were formally inducted into their new officer positions. Former Fred Rapp Chapter president, Steve Kotowski assisted our organization with conducting the induction process in accordance with the bylaws of the Fred-Rapp Chapter. The following officers and board directors were inducted: president - Greg Raines, vice president - Herbert Pritchett, secretary - Barbara Pritchett, and treasurer- Ralph Kinch. Also, two board directors were elected to 2-year terms of office - Darrell Schultz and Terry Fellinger, a director for membership - Sandy Stanford and an open director position for 1 year - Jimmy Miles.  Congratulations to the new officials that will be leading the Chapter for the next organizational year that began on September 1, 2015. The new management team has been listed in the Contact Page.

Hunter's Island Hike  (updated September 27, 2015)

We have arranged an unique opportunity to explore the legacy of Hunter’s Island with its owner, local architect and history enthusiast Mary Ellen Wheeler.  Greg Raines has arranged for our group to take this guided tour on October 17 from 9 AM to 1 PM of this historic island at no cost.  If you are interested send Greg an email or give him a call and let him know.  Some additional details will follow on where to park and meet near the Falmouth Bridge in Fredericksburg.  The tour will start at 9 AM sharp so be there earlier.

2015 Fredericksburg Flag Retirement Ceremony (Posted: June 14, 2015) 

The Fred-Rapp Chapter hosted the Fredericksburg Flag Retirement Ceremony on June 13, 2015 at the Chapter grounds.  A small group participated in the solemn and patriotic ceremony to retire American and VA state flags.  Click here to view a slide show Windows Media file of photos taken during the ceremony.  Be advised that the file is nearly 40 meg in size and will take a few seconds to open or save after clicking.

Judge John W. Tobin Award Presented to Joe Webb (Posted: June 16, 2015)

Each year there is an opportunity to recognize a Chapter Member for his or her dedication to the objectives of the Izaak Walton League and the operation of one of its local chapters. Who are the dedicated Ike’s who show up for all meetings, sign up first for work crews, serve on committees, help maintain chapter grounds, and make the organization run more smoothly? They are our chapter's best members and they deserve a hearty "Thank-You.”  Since 1976 this award, established by past IWLA President Judge John W. Tobin, has been a great way to thank Ike’s for their hard work. It is also a way to link chapters and national directors since it is presented by a national director at a chapter meeting. This year's Judge Tobin's award was presented to Joe Webb, at the May 2015 meeting.  Joe is an active leader and member of the Fred-Rapp Board, and is awarded for his many services to the Fred Rapp Chapter and for his untiring effort to develop a rational Chapter budget. Congratulations to Joe Webb for this well-deserved award.

Girl Scouts Win National IWLA Award (Posted: October 10, 2014)

Water Quality TestingLocal Girl Scout Troop 536 has played a valuable role in the Izaak Walton League's Save Our Streams Virginia Program. Water testing has become a much more important effort of Girl Scout Receive Award monitoring our streams and local waterways. The Fred-Rapp Chapter has also been participating in a new Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) local area water testing effort that will give us a good perspective on the environmental health of our local streams. In this photo, Herbert Pritchett, Chapter Vice President and Executive Board Member of IWLA National, is shown presenting the National Izaak Walton League's Save Our Streams award to the girl scouts that have been testing the water at our Chapter Grounds.

Our Chapter has a Water Quality Testing Coordinator (Posted: July 1, 2014)

Water Quality Testing Our new water quality testing coordinator is Ms. Patty Nunn. The program involves testing ponds, streams and rivers in our area. Patty will plan, coordinate, educate and execute our testing plans with our IKEs chapter as well as other chapters and organizations as necessary. This is an excellent way to participate in a conservation activity. Please come out and participate. Patty needs your assistance to make our new testing activity a success. Please contact Patty via e-mail at, phone 202-246-1115, or in person. Thanks, Mike Sullivan.

Membership Notes (Updated: August 1, 2014)

Jamie Branham. lead for Range Management, would like to thank whomever cleaned up the ranges when they got messy. Also, we are reminding members who use the ranges to take their cardboard targets and other trash home or to the dump (right around the corner on Brock and Orange Plank Road). Let's keep our ranges neat and clean. Also, if you've paid a shooters fee and haven't received your badge yet (according to membership records over 200 of you), please make an effort to get out to the chapter on a work day (next one August 9 ) to get yours made. Regarding memberships, there are a number of new members with volunteer hour requirements, who have few or no hours logged. Some of you have as early as September and others as late as January to complete your 20 hours without penalty. Please don't wait until the last minute. Please contact Jamie Branham if you are unsure of your work hours balance.

VolunteerSpot Makes Volunteering a Little Easier (Updated: October 23, 2014)

Saturday work days are very busy days for the chapter membership. It has happened that volunteers show up at announced work events and have wondered what to do. Well, we have a way to keep members informed and involved with a free internet-based application tool that helpus with work scheduling and assignment of volunteers.

The tool is called VolunteerSpot.  The Fred-Rapp Chapter IWLA committee chairpersons believe this tool will let us better match work to skills, interests, and abilities of the members. The way it works is you will click a link to the VolunteerSpot website. When there you can view the planned tasks and sign up for the positions or tasks for which you wish to volunteer. You'll see such information and instructions as a description of the work to be done, how to dress and what to bring.

Dog Fest was a day where many members signed up to volunteer.  Since then there have been several event-based opportunities for signing up.  It is easy and as helpful to the planner as it is to the volunteer.

VolunteerSpot has been placed as a link in the password protected area (Member Login tab) to make it unlikely that we will have volunteers show up to help that are not actually members or guests.

(You can go directly to the member login web page (click on the menu on left) to volunteer using VolunteerSpot.  After logging in, just click on the appropriate icon).

The next work day is nearing.  Please come and volunteer some hours to improve and maintain our Chapter facilities whether or not you need to accumulate hours as a new member.

A new set of tasks are available for sign-up. In addition, there are other events taking place as well. Please refer to the to the various icons set up and to the chapter calendar.

Thanks for volunteering!

Two new activities announced for 2014 (posted: April 25 , 2014)

  • The Manahoac Bowman have released their detailed 2014 schedule for Outdoor Archery Training. Go to the Activities page by clicking on the "Activities" menu at the upper right side of this page to find a link to the new schedule.
  • The Hunter's Safety Training Course will be taught later this year. If anyone is interested in participating in the training please contact Chapter member, John Foster at The course will be taught on the following three dates:
    • August 16, 2014 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • October 25, 2014 - 8 am to 5 pm
    • November 1, 2014 - 8 am to 5 pm

A New Edition of The Compleat Angler released

Compleat AnglerThe Fred-Rapp Chapter is pleased to join with the national organization in announcing the release of a new edition of our namesake's book, The Compleat Angler. Read more about this new edition (posted: April 1, 2014) 


Range Users Now Required to Possess/Display "Shooter's Photo ID" (updated: April 8, 2014)

As of March 31, 2014, any shooter using the ranges at Walton Park must possess/display a Fred/Rapp IWLA Photo Identification Card (Shooter's Photo ID).  Beginning in April, the IDs will be issued at the Clubhouse at 11 AM on the Chapter work day, which is normally the first Saturday of the month for the remainder of the year.  Always check the Chapter calendar or "Hot Topics" on the web site Home page before you come to the Clubhouse to make sure that there has been no last-minute change to the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances like severe weather.  

Great way for members to show chapter affiliation!

  • BASEBALL CAPS: Mossy Oak waxed canvas, adjustable sizes, camo green or hunter red.., $15.00 each with IWLA logo and Fredericksburg Rappahannock Chaper on back of cap.
  • T-SHIRTS with IWLA logo, Fredericksburg Rappahannock Chapter. Shirts are pre-shunk 100% cotton, kelly green, dark green, green camo with various sizes. Shirts are $15.00 each.

Shirts and caps will be available on membership meeting nights the 1st Thursday of month.

To purchase, contact: Bob Dowling (540) 972-7127, Nikki (540) 229-9878, or Greg Raines (Chapter President) (540) 287-2628.

Volunteer Opportunity for Scout Leaders and/or Counselors

ALL Members that are SCOUT Leaders and/or Counselors; For Eagle and Regular Projects, and a Very Special Opportunity to assist the Fred-Rapp Chapter, Please Email or Call Greg Raines @ ( or 540-287-2628 )

*The Current Membership Dues Policy*

Because of Chapter Dues not being paid on time and the additional costs and man-hours of these late payments to The Chapter, a formal Dues Policy was approved by The Fred-Rapp Chapter Board on August 29, 2011.

Key items from the Dues Policy approved by the Board:

  • As stated on the back of our Membership Cards, Dues are due no later than December 31st of each year.
  • If dues are not paid by December 31st, a late fee of $10.00 per month will be added for up to three months until the dues are paid.
  • If the dues are not paid by March 31st, the member will be EXPELLED from active membership.
  • Expelled Individuals will have to reapply for Membership and pay the current Initiation fee AND the current membership dues for that year.

Click here to view/download the current Dues Policy.

*ANNUAL CHAPTER ELECTIONS RESULTS - The results from the latest Annual Chapter Election are as follows:

Chapter Officers - One year term

  • President - Greg Raines
  • Vice President - Herbert Pritchett
  • Secretary - Pat Aubert
  • Treasurer - Ralph Kinch
  • Membership - Larry Stanford

Chapter Directors - Two year term

  • Jamie Branham
  • Terry Fellinger
  • Darrell Schultz
  • Joe Webb

Welcome to our new Chapter Officers.

*Please note the following from the Chapter Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Range Rules:

  • "Range Operations: The use of the ranges shall be on a first-come, first-served basis. However, please remember that we are all IWLA members, and if someone arrives after you intending to shoot and it is feasible and safe, please consider inviting the newly arrived member(s) to join you."
  • "Prohibited Activities: Using the range for personal gain, i.e., making money."

With these rules in mind, the ranges SHALL NOT be used for training, unless it is a BOOKED & APPROVED EVENT.

If you would like to use any of our ranges for this purpose, contact the Range Officers & or The Event Coordinator / Chapter President.


* NOTICE! - The Regular Chapter Meeting start time will be 7 PM.

* Effective Immediately - You are required to have your Membership ID on your person while on Chapter property and at Chapter events at ALL TIMES!

* We challenge all our members to wear their Fred IWLA tees and hats.

* Thanks to Mike Sullivan for his work on the Adopt A Highway project.